Corporate social responsibility


Corporate social responsibility is a term that is used more and more often in business. But what is an indicator of corporate social responsibility? Holland Recycling BV takes its responsibility in this area. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy won the CSR Netherlands Award (MVO) in 2017.

Corporate social responsibility is an established concept within our organisation. We support various charities, are members of the CSR initiative AANtWERK, CSR initiative, employ many people who are at a disadvantage in the labour market and strive to work exclusively with partners who share the same values and standards as Holland Recycling BV.


You can easily support charities by selling your electronic waste to Holland Recycling BV. On the cover letter that you have to supply with the shipment, you can easily specify whether and how many percent of the revenue you would like to donate to a good cause. The charities suggested by us which we support ourselves are indicated as preferred.

CSR initiative AANtWERK

AANtWERK is an employer’s platform that is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility. It was launched on April 22, 2013 with a founders’ meeting. AANtWERK is an initiative of the WSD-Groep. The goal is to promote CSR in the regions of Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch. The platform aims to eventually grow to having more than 100 partners. The organisations that have come together in the initiative want to offer additional support to people who need extra help to find their place in the labour market.

Working with people who are at a disadvantage in the labour market

 One of the important points of corporate social responsibility is the way companies interact with their staff and the people within and outside of their working environment. Recruiting people who have fewer opportunities on the regular labour market or people who need help to go into the regular labour market plays an important role. Governments accelerate this development by setting requirements in tenders on the deployment of people with a disadvantage on the labour market. Outside this development, the awareness that CSR has positive effects on the results of an organisation increases. Holland Recycling BV deploys people daily who need help to go into the regular labour market.

Protecting the environment

Holland Recycling BV is, in addition to ISO 9001, also ISO 14001 certified. This means that we are working daily to improve the environmental footprint of our company. We are continuously looking for opportunities to save energy, for instance. What we find just as important is keeping up with all the latest developments in the field of technologies that generate the highest possible recycling rate. As a result, we try to minimise the recovery of expensive and increasingly rare raw materials from electronics products. We hope to achieve a remaining availability of plenty of raw materials in the future for our children and grandchildren. In our own production process, we have currently achieved a recycling rate which is higher than 99%.

Win-win situation

In our policy we do not just look at the profitability and continuity of the company, but also at the societal and economic impact of our business operations on society. We can tell that there is also much to be gained in these areas. We have experienced that, by way of our committed and supportive personnel policy, absenteeism has been reduced significantly. As a result, labour productivity has increased. Better trained staff leads to a higher quality of our end product, which in turn confers a competitive advantage. Through our innovative and responsible entrepreneurship, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.