The best prices for scrap with good collection options

You are most welcome on our site for the recycling of scrap, metal and electronics. We pay excellent market-based prices in cash or by bank transfer. Having a container for collection is another excellent option. We are able to exchange them quickly and flexibly.

Inleveren schroot en metalenPrices of scrap and used metals

When you sell and hand in scrap and metal, you will receive the very best prices for scrap (list of current scrap, metal and iron prices per kilo). This is possible at Holland Recycling because of our large scale trade in scrap waste and metals. We buy valuable secondary raw materials in bulk for optimal recycling. Our own installations process waste flows into valuable secondary raw materials. Holland Recycling has extensive contacts with smelters, foundries and steel plants inside and outside Europe for subsequent direct sales.

We will gladly help you with sound advice on what you should pay attention to when handing in scrap iron and on the prices. Please contact us if you would like a container for collection, or if you would like a proposal for regular deliveries.

Of course you are most welcome at Schouwrooij 8 in Boxtel for bringing in substantial (value over € 500. From 1 January 2019: € 1,000.) amounts of: