Selling old computers

Getting rid of your old computers? We pay the highest price and offer you the best service when you hand in your old electronics. That’s for sure. You can earn money quickly for recycling computers this way. When you sell your old computers (PC or server), you will earn money quickly by having them recycled or reused. Apart from that, you can also hand in your PC for charities.

Recycling electronics

So what happens to redundant, used IT equipment in the Dutch (circular) economy? Whether e-waste comes from people at home or from offices, when the handyman or an approved repairer says that it’s over and done with, you will really have to succumb to their verdict.

The life span of IT equipment is finite and ideas about money-back schemes, in which manufacturers remain the owners of the products and consumers are only the users, are still not very specific. For now, smart recycling prevails for creating new value from waste. By constructive thinking, Holland Recycling knows how to optimise its own work process in the chain. This pays off for all parties involved. By influencing a range of factors where possible, cost reduction can be achieved in addition to optimal recycling throughout the entire cycle. Close contacts with other circular companies in the chain ensure competitive proceeds. Through our international network, the provider receives the highest price per bank transfer or in cash.

Good rates when handing in, disposing of and selling old computers

Our specialisation means that we offer you the highest rates for your electronic waste. You choose how to receive your money, immediately when handing in the equipment, or by bank transfer.
Electronics are worth a lot of money: how much will you receive?

Selling electronics is lucrative: Holland Recycling accepts all your old electronics and redundant IT materials. Our expertise in the field of reuse and recycling electronics makes us your ideal partner. As a result, in most cases we will pay more than our industry peers when you sell your electronics. Selling your old computers? Removing servers? The life cycle of electronics is getting shorter and shorter. For example, as a company, you are often forced to replace outdated electronics or components. We can reuse or process your equipment in accordance with current laws and regulations.