Selling printed circuit boards

Selling used printed circuit boards and motherboards

If you hand in your used printed circuit boards (PCBs), motherboards and plug-in cards, you can get an excellent price by having them recycled. Thanks to our close contacts with reusers and metal foundries, we offer you a most competitive daily rate for old PCBs per kilogram. We are specialists in both purchasing and recycling PCBs.

Inleveren van oude PrintplatenA good rate per kilo when you sell and hand in used printed circuit boards

Our speciality means that we pay you the best price for PCBs. You choose how to receive your money, immediately when handing in the equipment, or by bank transfer. After purchasing your used printed circuit boards, we ensure the best possible recycling with percentages of over 98%!

Price per kilo specific printed circuit boards

Electronics are worth a lot of money: would you quickly like to know what the specific value is of your printed circuit boards? Click on the purchase prices overview and you will immediately see the price per kg for the most common PCBs.

Are your computer, printed circuit boards, motherboards, cards or other synthetic material carriers of electronic components not in the list? Please contact us and receive our excellent offer, without any obligations.