The foundation

Simplicity, transparency and professionalism. These are the qualities that our customers were looking for when Holland Recycling was established more than ten years ago. Holland Recycling was founded as a total supplier of waste solutions. The founders of Holland Recycling all had different backgrounds within the waste sector. They had experience with regular waste streams, with rubble and gravel recycling and with metal recycling.

Today, Holland Recycling focuses solely on the processing of e-waste and metals. All other waste streams are handled by other private companies within our group. Soon after its establishment, it became clear that Holland Recycling’s future lay in metal recycling. After a few years, in 2014, this focus shifted to electronics recycling. When WEEELABEX certification became compulsory in the Netherlands in 2015, Holland Recycling was one of the first companies to be certified.

Dutch Hardware Trading (DHT) was also founded in 2015, based on the idea that electronics were often recycled too quickly. DHT’s vision was to give electronics a second life. DHT has now been integrated into Holland Recycling under the name Holland Recycling Reuse.

In the meantime, Holland Recycling has become a leading player in the field of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Or as they call it in English: WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Because we have specialised in this waste stream for many years, we have built up a large network of certified processors within and outside Europe. We have also gathered a tremendous amount of information, which we use daily to determine our purchase prices.

Our group

Holland Recycling works closely with its sister companies. Each company has its own specialisation and together we are able to offer a suitable solution for almost any waste problem! Our sister companies are listed below:

Milieu Service Brabant (MSB)
Milieu Service Brabant is our closest sister company. We even share the same address. Our administration and planning are also strongly intertwined. In addition, MSB often acts as a transporter for Holland Recycling. MSB is a waste collector for regular waste streams, such as residual waste and construction and demolition waste. You can also come to MSB for the destruction of paper archives or the disposal of small chemical waste.

Wagenaars Grond- en Bouwstoffen
Wagenaars has been around for more than 75 years! The company recycles rubble into granulates and has a soil bank where various types of soil are collected. Of course, the organisation also recycles materials for its own use within the companies. The mobile concrete plant is one example.

Ecopark Breda
Ecopark is a storage and transhipment site for household, organic and construction and demolition waste. The site serves as a bulk-storage location for large quantities of waste, which are then delivered in the correct proportions to large waste processors.

Waste Connection
Waste Connection is a purchasing collective that brings together supply and demand for various types of waste. The unique thing about Waste Connection is that it acts on behalf of any company in the waste sector that needs it.