Holland Recycling is the ideal business partner for the disposal of old IT equipment. We relieve companies, institutions and organisations of all their worries by recycling electronics responsibly. It is no coincidence that various business and financial service providers, as well as government bodies, entrust us with their electronics and electrical appliances. After Holland Recycling Electronics BV obtained WEEELABEX certification in 2015, IT recycling has grown to become our core business. We dispose of IT waste in a socially responsible manner. For example, Holland Recycling works with employees who are distanced from the regular labour market. Our employees receive internal training and skill development.

Organisations with a large amount of confidential information, such as banks, hospitals and even the military, therefore choose Holland Recycling. And although speed is important to us, reliability in disposal and certified destruction are our prime concerns. Through its involvement in the chain over the years, Holland Recycling has been able to optimise the work process to perfection. This bears fruit for all parties involved. Intensive contacts with other circular companies in the chain ensure the competitive yield.

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Printed circuit board recycling

For years, Holland Recycling has been the specialist when it comes to treating and processing printed circuit boards. We sort more than 25 different qualities and work with the largest smelters worldwide. As a supplier, you benefit directly from our knowledge and expertise in this field. Holland Recycling has its own sorting line, so we can also sort mixed batches for you.

Electronics recycling

You can come to Holland Recycling with all your electronic and/or electrical products and components. From network equipment, such as servers, routers and switches, to computers, laptops and printers. Holland Recycling offers the most sustainable solution for your discarded electronics. Holland Recycling is WEEELABEX certified and therefore meets the strictest standards for electronics recycling.

Metal recycling

Holland Recycling is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and MRF certified. At Holland Recycling, your iron and/or other metals are collected, weighed and processed in the correct manner. Holland Recycling can also provide the appropriate collection facilities for companies, if required.


In our catalogue, you will find a large collection of materials purchased by Holland Recycling. You will also find the different qualities of printed circuit board in our catalogue. You can request our current rates via the contact form. Or you can give us a call. We would be happy to speak with you or visit you to assess the quality level(s).



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