Especially since the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018, a lot of attention has been paid to this subject. Holland Recycling offers the most secure and sustainable approach to the destruction of data carriers and offers its clients:

  • Option of certified wiping or shredding
  • Wiping protocol with the possibility to overwrite up to 13 times
  • Closed process from collection to destruction
  • Shred size in accordance with DIN66399: H5
  • Always serial number registration and destruction certificate
  • Most circular and sustainable approach

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shredding and wiping of data carriers.



At Holland Recycling, wiping data carriers such as hard disks takes place using certified software from Certus Erasure.



Shredding of hard disks under DIN 66399 safety level H-5.  Certificate of destruction including serial number registration.

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The video below shows clearly how we handle your confidential data. From collection at your location to the actual destruction of your data carriers.

Eco-friendly recycling

As hard disks consist mainly of aluminium, shredded hard disks are very suitable for recycling. To this end, we work with large factories where the shredded material is processed into clean streams that can then be used as secondary raw materials. So, you are not only secure, but also environmentally aware.

You always receive a registration with a destruction certificate to prove during any audits that your data-bearing hardware has been processed by a fully certified and professional company.

Wiping of data carriers

We maintain high quality and environmental standards with our ISO certifications. We also comply with the strictest requirements in the fields of quality, health & safety and the environment with the MRF quality standard. The international WEEELABEX certificate ensures that companies and institutions can have discarded electronics processed legally.

In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, we were crowned CSR Award winner until the end of 2019!

Data 100% destroyed

Gecertificeerd harde schijven wissen

Your data is 100% destroyed because Holland Recycling uses Certus software with various wipe protocols. By default, we choose a protocol in which data is overwritten at least three times. Certus software is recommended by NATO and certified by ADISA. We can offer up to 19 different wipe protocols and can therefore always provide a tailor-made solution.

In the event of an audit, you naturally want to be able to demonstrate that you have correctly disposed of your old data-bearing hardware. To help you with this, after your hard drives have been wiped, we provide a comprehensive erasure report as standard, containing all relevant information about your data carrier, including the serial number, brand name and capacity.

Would you like to dispose of your complete hardware? No problem. We can disassemble your data carriers or, if your hardware is suitable for refurbishment, we can wipe the hard disk in your PC, laptop or server using a bootable USB drive.

In addition to hard drives, we can also certify SSDs, phones and tablets as data-free!


Data is stored deep inside your hard disk. Many techniques, such as drilling, piercing or smashing hard disks, are therefore of little use. The hard disk will no longer work, but the data can be restored relatively easily. Techniques such as degaussing are not very successful either, as they only destroy the circuit board and thus the control system of a hard disk. The disc that actually contains the data is safely stored in a magnetically sealed housing.

A very high level of security

Holland Recycling therefore uses a shredder with a very high level of security. We shred to a shred size in accordance with DIN66399 protection level 3, safety class H5! In layman’s terms, this means that the output fraction of our shredder is so small that it is impossible to extract information from it.

Our shredder is constructed in such a way that it is unnecessary to remove any brackets. This saves a considerable amount of work. All of your hard disks are registered upon arrival according to serial number, brand name and capacity and then immediately shredded.


Data destruction

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