Do you have old or surplus monitors, screens or televisions? Allow us to buy your old monitors. Would you like quick cash for your old monitors? We buy all types of monitor from 22″ upwards. Would you like to know what your monitors are worth? Request a quote or contact us via WhatsApp.

How does selling old monitors work?

Selling your old monitors is easy! All working flat-screen monitors with a screen diagonal of at least 22″ are suitable for reuse. The exact value of your monitors depends on the manufacturer, model number and colour.

  1. Send us a list of the model numbers.
  2. We will send you our offer.
  3. We arrange all the logistics.
  4. We check your monitors.
  5. You will receive the residual value in your account.

Securely selling old monitors

Your old monitors have been part of your IT infrastructure. They are therefore often marked with company names, logos or asset tags. You do not want your monitors to be traded while they can be traced back to your company. Holland Recycling therefore ensures that your monitors are always ‘neutralised’ before they are sold. Your hardware is then extensively tested for blemishes, dead pixels and colour fastness, and working connectors.

Socially responsible disposal of old computers

Monitor testing is an important but relatively simple process. Given the nature of our testing procedure, this work is carried out as much as possible by staff at a disadvantage in the labour market. We ensure plenty of inclusiveness in our team by employing a mix of experienced staff and colleagues who sometimes need a helping hand. At Holland Recycling, you are therefore not only assured of the most circular processing, but also the most sustainable working method. Do you find it important to do things for others? Make a wish come true! View our partnership with Make-A-Wish Netherlands.

Complete registration

All of the devices we receive are tested thoroughly. Your screens are then registered based on the quantities delivered, the manufacturer, the model number, the screen size and, of course, the test result. After each delivery, you will receive a clear report on all delivered materials.

Full service

Selling your old monitors is easy! We collect your old monitors and other hardware at your company’s location. All screens are packed on site to minimise the risk of damage during transport. Our personnel bring all the necessary packaging with them. If monitors do not work or you have other electronics that need to be recycled, they will be processed at our recycling site.


Buying monitors

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