Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a term that is increasingly used in the business world. But how do companies show that they are doing business in a socially responsible way? Holland Recycling BV takes its responsibility in this area. Corporate Social Responsibility is woven into our organisation. For instance, we support various charities, are a member of the CSR initiative AANtWERK, employ many people who are disadvantaged in the labour market and try to work exclusively with partners who share Holland Recycling’s values and standards.

CSR initiative AANtWERK

AANtWERK is a platform for employers committed to socially responsible and inclusive business practices. It started on 22 April 2013 with a founders’ meeting. AANtWERK is an initiative of IBN, Weener XL, WSD and 21 employers. It arose from a great need to inspire and inform each other and others about inclusive business practices. The aim is to promote CSR in the Eindhoven, Tilburg and Den Bosch region. The platform has set itself the goal of eventually growing to include more than 200 partners. The organisations united in the foundation want to offer the extra support needed to people who have difficulty gaining a foothold in the labour market.

Working with people at a disadvantage in the labour market

One of the important aspects of corporate social responsibility is the way in which companies treat their staff and people within and outside their working and living environments. The deployment of people who have fewer opportunities in the regular labour market or people who need help to step up to the regular labour market plays an important role in this. Governments are accelerating this development by setting requirements in tenders for the employment of people at a disadvantage in the labour market. Apart from this development, awareness is growing that CSR has positive effects on an organisation’s results. Every day, Holland Recycling deploys people who need help in making the step up to the regular labour market.

Protection of the environment

Apart from ISO 9001, Holland Recycling is also ISO 14001 certified. This means that we work daily on improving the environmental impact of our business. We are constantly looking for ways to save energy, for example. Just as important to us is keeping up with all the latest developments in techniques that generate the highest possible recycling rates. In this way, we try to recover as many valuable and increasingly rare raw materials from electronic products as possible. We hope to ensure that sufficient raw materials remain available to our children and grandchildren in the future.