Reusing IT hardware promotes a circular economy. Precious raw materials are extracted, preserved and repurposed.


Data destruction

Certified data destruction by Holland Recycling. Disk shredding or wiping. GDPR compliant. View all the possibilities.

Holland Recycling buys your old appliances and gives them a second chance at life after refurbishment. If they are not suitable for reuse, then we recycle and recover the materials in a sustainable way. We recycle old printed circuit boards, metals and larger quantities of electronics. These electronics include computers, laptops, telephones, tablets, servers and monitors. We are also able to destruct data from data carriers as well as wipe or shred hard disks. All this is always done in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Why choose Holland Recycling?

  • Maximum value for your old materials
  • Fast and reliable service
  • In line with your CSR policy
  • High recycling rate

What customers say about Holland Recycling

As a cooperative bank, Rabobank has integrated sustainability into our business operations. Holland Recycling's services provide a unique waste stream for Rabobank, professionally recycling old IT hardware into raw materials for new products.
Infradax THE IT LIFECYCLE SPECIALIST reduces complexity and dependency within IT environments, always focusing on circularity and the optimal use of existing resources. A fully certified partner such as Holland Recycling fits in perfectly with our sustainability policy.
Holland Recycling is a valuable partner to ICT vanaf Morgen for the orderly recycling of ICT materials. Just like ICT vanaf Morgen, Holland Recycling sees partners as opportunities to make the world a little better together.
When Help-IT has projects which involve customers getting new IT workstations, then we dispose our old hardware using Holland Recycling. They make sure the disposal is carried out responsibly and we get a good return value. We also get a data erasure certificate. Always happy to be working with Holland recycling.
As European market leader in network solution rental, related services and buying old hardware, IRent offers organisations flexibility in their data centres. To achieve a fully circular and sustainable IT cycle, sustainable recycling of IT is essential. Holland Recycling is therefore an important partner because of its sustainability characteristics.
ACCESS ICT Solutions attaches great value to the circular deployment of used ICT equipment and relieving its clients. Holland Recycling is an important partner in this circular care model of delivery and turn-key installation of new ICT equipment, simultaneously collecting old ICT equipment and putting it back on the market, including any certified wiping or destruction of data carriers.
Rabobank Data Centre
ICT vanaf morgen
IRent - IT Systems
Acces ICT Solutions


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Customer, quality and environment go hand in hand with recycling rates of more than 98%

We maintain high quality and environmental standards with our WEEELABEX and ISO certifications. We also comply with the strictest requirements in the fields of quality, health & safety and the environment with the MRF quality standard. The international WEEELABEX certificate ensures that companies and institutions can have discarded electronics processed legally.

In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, we were crowned CSR Award winner until the end of 2019!

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