We are delighted to announce that today, on World Wish Day, we have become a sustainable partner of Make-A-Wish Netherlands. Why Make-A-Wish?

There are many charities, all of them important. Make-A-Wish Netherlands, however, is particularly dear to our hearts because of the very real impact its activities have on the treatment programmes for seriously ill children. Every day, an average of 3 families in the Netherlands are told that their child has a serious, sometimes life-threatening disease. The impact of such a blow is hard to imagine. Currently, Make-A-Wish is able to provide roughly half of these children with a Wish Journey, so there is still plenty of room for growth.

“If a child can believe that their wish will come true, they can also believe that they will get better”.

That is the power of a Wish Journey

The realisation of a cherished wish gives young patients and those around them hope and confidence. Wish fulfilment does not happen by itself.

It is a carefully planned Wish Journey. A special process that keeps a large group of people busy for months and is tailor-made from start to finish. And one that has an impact from the moment of meeting the patient until long after the wish has been granted. This is how Make-A-Wish creates memories that last a lifetime. The objective is to fulfil as many wishes as possible. Make-A-Wish Netherlands cannot do this alone. It relies on the strength of more than 400 volunteers, generous donors and companies that are willing to commit to this cause.

Fulfilling the dearest wish of a seriously ill child with your old IT. Does it get any better than that?

The impact of your donation

Holland Recycling has made an initial donation of €2,500. Furthermore, for every data carrier that we destroy with our DIN66399-certified shredder, Holland Recycling will donate € 0.25 per data carrier. You are therefore not only assured of the safest destruction of your hard disks, but you also contribute to this wonderful initiative. If you decide to donate your residual value, you will immediately see your donation on the Holland Recycling action page on the Make-A-Wish website. We are, of course, 100% transparent about this. Whenever we are able to fulfil a wish, we will share the story on our new website. We hope to go live with this new website as soon as possible. Curious about the impact a Wish Journey has? Watch the video about Ize’s wish fulfilment.

We hope that the first wish will be fulfilled soon! Would you like to help? If you do not have any old hardware but would still like to contribute to the realisation of a beautiful wish, you can do so right here on our action page.