Recycling old computers

In general, computers are replaced after three to seven years. As a company or institution, you naturally want your computers to be recycled correctly, sustainably and with full certification. Come to Holland Recycling for computer recycling, we collect old computers from companies and institutions. The collection of computers, laptops or servers is completely FREE from a minimum of 150 kilograms! We also collect all peripherals, cables and accessories, of course.

How does computer recycling work?

Computer recycling is simple! Schedule an appointment right away using the button below or contact us if you have any questions. You can contact us quickly by phone, e-mail or via WhatsApp.

  1. Make an appointment.
  2. We will get back to you quickly.
  3. We will schedule an appointment.
  4. We organise the logistics and collect everything.
  5. You receive an environmental certificate and a zero invoice.

Handing in old computers in a secure way

PCs or Personal Computers are often full of confidential or personal information. In addition, computers are made of valuable raw materials that are suitable for recycling to make new devices. If you are handing in old computers, you want to be sure that the company you select processes your computer waste correctly with high recycling percentages and with careful attention to data removal. Holland Recycling is fully certified (including WEEELABEX). In addition, we are certified to destroy data in the most secure way possible, either using software or mechanically.

Reusing old computers

Do your computers no longer meet your requirements? But could they still be used for a while longer. We buy these computers from you. If you have at least 5 PCs of up to 5 years old, you can hand in your computers for money. See our page on reuse. Reusing IT hardware gives you a higher return and is also more sustainable! Naturally, we also ensure the highest return and secure, certified data destruction.

Our organisation distinguishes itself by providing the highest level of service. We are always able to act quickly. Is your old hardware getting in the way? Contact us immediately. We can usually collect your computer waste the same week!


Computer recycling

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