Recycling servers and network equipment

In today’s digital age, servers and network equipment are essential. The Netherlands is fully on board with the digital age, has many data centres and therefore also a lot of hardware. To keep up with digital advances, servers are normally replaced or upgraded every three to five years. When the equipment no longer meets our high standards, server recycling comes into play. Servers are made of high-quality materials, so good recycling is of great importance. Holland Recycling achieves very high recycling percentages and relieves companies and institutions of the responsibility for recycling servers.

How does server recycling work?

Would you like to have your old servers collected quickly, but also safely and securely? This is how it works! Schedule an appointment right away using the button below or contact us if you have any questions. Our collection service is completely FREE in most cases. From a minimum of 150 kilograms of laptops, computers or servers, we can cover our costs from the residual value of your old hardware! You can contact us quickly by phone, e-mail or via WhatsApp. We relieve you of all your obligations by arranging everything from transport to invoicing.

  1. Make an appointment.
  2. We will get back to you quickly.
  3. We will schedule an appointment.
  4. We organise the logistics and collect everything.
  5. You receive an environmental certificate and a zero invoice.

Handing in old servers securely

Because your servers and network equipment contain a lot of information, on the hard disk but also in asset tags and configurations, it is important to find a trustworthy and professional partner for your end-of-life equipment.

Collection at your location

Holland Recycling can collect servers and network equipment from your location quickly and professionally. We are also fully equipped to destroy all existing data. If desired, you can receive a certificate of destruction.

Contemporary used servers

It can sometimes happen that servers are replaced before reaching the end of their product life. In principle, servers less than 5 years old are always suitable for reuse. Reusing servers and network equipment, and thereby extending their lifespan, is the most sustainable and cost-effective way of disposing of your hardware. Learn more about buying up servers.


Server recycling

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