How does it work?

IT hardware collection in 5 easy steps:

  1. Fill in the contact form.
  2. We will get back to you quickly.
  3. For large projects, we come to your location to inspect the consignment.
  4. We arrange all the logistics and collect everything from you.
  5. You receive an environmental certificate and a zero invoice!
We take everything off your hands and ensure that our services fit in perfectly with your sustainability policy. Having a clear-out has never been so easy!

Most circular approach

At Holland Recycling, you are guaranteed the most circular approach to the disposal of old IT hardware. Hardware is refurbished as much as possible in order to extend its lifespan.

If this is not possible, parts and components are assessed for possible reuse. If the electronics are truly at the end of their life, they are recycled in accordance with strict WEEELABEX standards. This method of working ensures that Holland Recycling is the most sustainable choice for disposing of your old electronics.

Frequently asked questions about collection

  • How long does it take for electronics to be collected from me?

    You can arrange an exact date with us by contacting us. As a rule, we can always arrange a collection at short notice, for example, within one week. If you can pack your electronics on pallets yourself, next-day collection is always possible because in some cases we outsource the transport.

  • Does electronics recycling make me money?

    Old electronics represent a residual value. If you have at least 200 kilograms of computers, laptops or servers, we collect electronics from you FREE of charge. If you have very large quantities of electronics, we can even pay you a return. By very large quantities, we mean several tonnes of e-waste. Please feel free to contact us to ask whether we can pay for your consignment.

  • Can electronics be collected from me?

    Holland Recycling only collects electronics from companies and institutions. Unfortunately, we do not collect electronics from private individuals. The collection of computers, laptops or servers in batches of 200 kilograms or more is completely FREE! More about our collection service.

  • What types of electronics can I have recycled by Holland Recycling?

    Holland Recycling accepts virtually all types of electronics, but specialises in high-quality streams. Due to our licence, we are unfortunately not allowed to take in any refrigeration- or freezing-related electronics. See our catalogue for more information.

Your data 100% destroyed!

Your data is our concern! We ensure that you can dispose of your hardware with peace of mind. No one wants to worry about confidential data and the possibility of it falling into the wrong hands. We offer the guarantee that any data present is 100% destroyed. Holland Recycling is a Certified Business Partner of Certus Software. This means that we can wipe hard disks in accordance with the strictest standards. We also have an HSM StoreEX HDS 230 hard disk shredder. This shreds your disks to a very small shred size so that data can NEVER be recovered!


WEEELABEX certified

Choose a certified company and dispose of your e-waste with peace of mind! Holland Recycling has been able to obtain the obligatory WEEELABEX certificate multiple times. In addition, we have all the other relevant certifications, which you can find here.

Why you should choose Holland Recycling

  • Most circular approach
  • Data 100% destroyed
  • WEEELABEX certified
  • Arranged in 5 simple steps