Buying old hardware

Is your company’s IT hardware in need of replacement? Allow us to buy your old hardware! Holland Recycling specialises in buying up old IT hardware. In addition, we are fully certified and equipped to destroy any remaining data securely. We can also recycle hardware that is no longer suitable for reuse, so that up to 98% of materials can be recovered! Read on below about the different types of electronics that we buy.

Buying computers and laptops

Holland Recycling buys consignments of old computers and laptops from companies and institutions. Consignments of at least 10 computers or laptops of up to 5 years old are always welcome. A prerequisite is that the equipment is in working condition. If you have older computers or laptops with good specifications, ask us for a valuation. Your hardware may still have value. We do not buy equipment from private individuals. When you sell your hardware to Holland Recycling, data is guaranteed to be destroyed and everything is collected from you.

Frequently asked questions about buying IT hardware

  • Does old IT hardware make me money?

    Yes, old IT hardware has a residual value. However, we also incur costs for collecting, testing and reselling this hardware. We must also provide a guarantee to our customers, for example. In the case of small consignments, we therefore pick up the hardware for you free of charge. If you have larger consignments, it is best to request a valuation.

  • What types of hardware does Holland Recycling buy?

    In principle, we buy all kinds of working IT hardware. Some hardware lasts longer than others, but if the hardware is less than five years old, it should be suitable for reuse. In addition to IT hardware, we also buy all kinds of peripherals and other electronics. Feel free to ask us.

  • How long does it take for electronics to be collected from me?

    You can arrange an exact date with us by contacting us. As a rule, we can always arrange a collection at short notice, for example, within one week. If you can pack your electronics on pallets yourself, next-day collection is always possible because in some cases we outsource the transport.

  • Can I also sell you hardware as a private individual?

    No, unfortunately we do not buy hardware from private individuals. Holland Recycling only collects hardware from companies and institutions.

Buying servers

Would you like to sell your old servers, switches or other network equipment? Holland Recycling can quickly provide you with a valuation. Apart from paying you the highest residual value for your old equipment, we are also well equipped to destroy your data. Holland Recycling is fully certified. You can therefore be sure that your hardware will be processed according to strict quality and environmental standards.

Buying monitors

Holland Recycling buys all types of working monitors from a screen diagonal of 22″ upwards. All monitors are cleared of any company-specific data. The monitors are also fully tested and cleaned. Holland Recycling then ensures that the monitors get a second life. Non-functioning monitors are processed by a WEEELABEX-certified partner. Monitors may contain harmful substances. So, always choose a certified company.

Buying phones and tablets

Phones and tablets often contain business and personal information. When disposing of your business hardware, it is therefore important to find a partner that can guarantee that your data will be 100% destroyed. Holland Recycling offers competitive prices for old phones and tablets and guarantees that data is demonstrably removed using certified software.


Buying hardware

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