Old monitor recycling

The picture quality of monitors, screens and televisions is constantly improving. In addition, the screen sizes have been increasing rapidly. Monitors can therefore quickly become outdated and have to be recycled. But what should you be aware of when you hand in old monitors or screens? Did you know that many old monitors contain hazardous metals such as lead and mercury? It is therefore especially important to recycle these appliances safely. Holland Recycling helps you with this!

Old monitor collection service

Are your old monitors in the way? We can collect old monitors quickly and safely from your premises. This is how it works! Schedule an appointment right away using the button below or contact us if you have any questions. In combination with a minimum of 150 kilograms of laptops, computers or servers, the collection of monitors from your company is completely FREE! You can contact us quickly by phone, e-mail or via WhatsApp. Of course, we can also dispose of other electronics or metal-containing waste for you immediately.

  1. Make an appointment.
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  4. We organise the logistics and collect everything.
  5. You receive an environmental certificate and a zero invoice.

Responsible monitor recycling

Since monitors need a special handling process due to the potential presence of lead or mercury, the recycling process is costly. It is therefore attractive for traders to transport this material abroad illegally. There, this type of e-waste is processed in an appalling manner with little regard for people and the environment. You should therefore make sure that your company does business with a certified and professional recycling company. Holland Recycling accepts all types of monitor and processes them in a safe and sustainable manner.

Reuse of monitors

Due to the fact that the recycling process for monitors is expensive and they do not contain personal data, reusing monitors is a very interesting alternative. This is not only the most sustainable option, which extends the life of the equipment, but it is also the most financially advantageous. Does your company have larger quantities of flat screen monitors with a screen diagonal of at least 22″? Take a look at our options for buying up your old monitors. In addition to computer monitors, we also buy other types of screen and televisions.


Recycling monitors

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