Recycling old laptops

It is impossible to imagine business life without them! Especially since the coronavirus outbreak, these handy devices have enabled us to work anywhere and any time. ¬†We also notice more than ever that in today’s digital age, laptops quickly become obsolete. What to do with your old laptops and what to look out for when recycling them?

How does laptop recycling work?

Handing in old laptops has never been easier! Curious how it works?
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Laptop recycling at its most sustainable

Laptops consist of many valuable parts, both when the parts are in working condition and when they need to be recycled. Holland Recycling offers a unique and sustainable concept for recycling old laptops and computers, among other things. We look at options for reuse at the component level. For example, is your laptop broken but the screen still works fine? The screen is then tested by us, dismantled and traded to refurbishment companies within Europe. The same goes for all other components. This approach not only assures your company of the most sustainable approach but also creates the highest value. We carry out all operations under our WEEELABEX certification, which guarantees the quality of our services!

Thanks to our unique concept, you are assured of the most circular and sustainable working methods.

Recycle old laptops securely

Would you like to be certain that your data doesn’t end up on the street? And do you want to be sure that your electronics are processed securely and sustainably to the highest standards? Choose a WEEELABEX-certified company. Holland Recycling processes electronics but is also a specialist in the field of data destruction. We can wipe hard disks using certified Certus software or destroy them mechanically in accordance with DIN66399 protection class 3, security level H5. Do you have multiple laptops less than five years old? Check whether we can buy them from you.


Recycling laptops

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