Data and privacy are subjects that became especially topical again after the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018. Yet the attention given to the GDPR by many companies seems to have waned. This is unwarranted because responsibility for the demonstrable destruction of data remains current. Holland Recycling’s method is 100% audit proof thanks to our clear documentation and small shred size.

Why shred hard disks?

We still see many companies destroying hard disks themselves, for example by hitting them with a hammer or drilling a hole in them. Indeed, the hard disk no longer works and the data can no longer be read. However, the problem is that the data is still present on the internal disk. Shredding hard disks at Holland Recycling guarantees that the hard disks are shredded into such small pieces that the recovery of information is made impossible. Compare the shredding of a hard disk to a paper document that is shredded. Straight strips can easily be put back together again, but when the strips are shredded further this quickly becomes impossible.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in the contact form.
  2. We will contact you to make an appointment.
  3. We arrange the logistics and collect everything securely.
  4. Your hard disks are registered and shredded.
  5. You receive GDPR-proof documentation.
Shredding hard disks to the correct shred size makes data retrieval impossible.

Hard disk destruction in accordance with DIN66399

In order to demonstrate how secure the destruction of a hard disk is, Holland Recycling uses DIN standard 66399. We shred hard disks to a shred size in accordance with protection class 3, safety level H5. For other data carriers, the following security levels apply:

Tapes T3
Optical (CDs) O3
Electronic (USB sticks) E2

Sustainable hard disk destruction

In addition to security, sustainability also plays a major role when disposing of your old hard disks. Hard disk drives are mostly made of aluminium and circuit board, both of which are suitable for recycling. Holland Recycling delivers the destroyed hard disks to factories where the different types of material are separated and recycled. When destroying tapes and floppy disks, recycling is unfortunately not possible. After this type of data carrier is destroyed, the remnants are burned to generate energy in incinerators, so this process also has a useful application! Even more sustainable than shredding is wiping hard disks, check out the possibilities.


Should you ever be audited for compliance with the GDPR or have an audit for one of your certifications, you will want audit-proof documents to show that you have securely destroyed your data carriers. Our documents are comprehensive and suitable for any audit or inspection. Registration takes place at serial number level.

Download a sample destruction certificate here.


Shredding hard disks

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