Metal recycling for companies

Holland Recycling is a partner for metal waste producing companies, such as manufacturing companies. By providing a professional level of service in combination with competitive prices, we can also offer the best solution for your business.

Container service metal recycling

Would you like your iron and metal waste to be collected from your company? Holland Recycling provides disposal containers of various types and sizes. We always have a container that suits you. Different metals must be delivered pre-sorted, which is why we place one container for each type of metal produced at your company. When your container is full, we come and exchange it for an empty one on request. You are compensated for the contents based on the current metal prices. Please find below an overview of the current prices.

What is the scrap iron price?

You can find the current scrap iron and scrap metal prices in the table below. The prices of scrap iron and metals fluctuate daily. You will find a selection of scrap metal prices in the table below and the full overview can be found in our catalogue.

Metal Price (kg)
Scrap € 0,19
Iron € 0,22
Hammered aluminium € 1,15
Stainless steel 304 € 1,05
Scrap Lead € 1,15
Lead-acid batteries € 0,50
Scrap Zinc € 1,25
Scrap copper – Red 96% € 6,95
Hand-stripped copper € 7,45
Brass mixed 2% € 4,05
Wire harness € 2,95


Influences on scrap iron price

Many factors are involved in determining metal prices, but ultimately they all lead back to the time-honoured law of supply and demand. Sometimes prices fall sharply because a large quantity of material is put on the market by a large economy. The coronavirus pandemic is another topical factor. This first led to a sharp decline in metal prices and then to their rapid increase. The underlying reason is that demand from manufacturing companies first fell dramatically and then they tried to catch up.

For most prices, the London Metal Exchange (LME) is used as a guide for determining current prices. For ongoing customers, we link our purchase prices to the LME so that a new price does not have to be agreed for each delivery. For iron streams, a link to the Metal Recycling Federation (MRF) index can be agreed. Curious about what Holland Recycling can do for your company? Contact us without obligation or make an appointment via our appointment module.


Metal recycling

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