Do you have old or surplus laptops? Allow us to buy your old laptops. Selling old laptops produces revenue and is also environmentally friendly. Selling laptops in time gives them a second life. You can also have all existing data professionally destroyed, minimising the risk of a data breach. We take the entire process off your hands and work with complete transparency.

How does selling old laptops work?

We make selling your old laptops as easy as possible. Working laptops up to 5 years old are always suitable for reuse. Often older laptops too, depending on the specifications. Would you like to request a valuation of your laptops? We work as follows:

  1. Send a list of model numbers or some photos.
  2. We will send you our offer.
  3. We arrange all the logistics.
  4. We check your laptops.
  5. We pay the residual value of your laptops into your account.

Old laptops and data

Your employees have been using your company laptops for business purposes and perhaps privately too. It is safe to say that the laptops have processed large amounts of data during their lifetime. When disposing of your laptops, the question therefore arises of how to deal with this data. The GDPR states that you are obliged to destroy data. But how? Nothing is said about that. However, you are responsible for ensuring that data is handled properly. With the extensive registrations and certified destruction methods offered by Holland Recycling, you can demonstrate that you have fulfilled your obligations.

Selling old laptops produces revenue and is also environmentally friendly.

Socially responsible disposal of old laptops

A sustainable working method is important to Holland Recycling. Not only is the processing method important, but also the way in which processing takes place. Because the IT hardware refurbishment process lends itself perfectly to the use of employees at a disadvantage in the labour market, we have a nicely mixed team. Would you like to do something extra for someone? Donate (part of) your proceeds to Make-A-Wish Netherlands through our IT donation programme and we will increase the amount by 10%.

Complete registration

As standard, we complete extensive registrations of your old laptops, so that you can show your customers and stakeholders that your old laptops have been processed correctly. We always record the quantities, the brand and model, the hardware specifications, the serial numbers and of course the test results. If the hardware delivered to us does not work, we always inform you about the defect and provide evidence if required.

We take care of everything for you

By selling your old laptops to Holland Recycling, you are assured of an easy process. We take everything off your hands. We use our own transport so that we can also pack loose material at your location in our own packaging. In addition to refurbishment, we can also provide in-house data destruction and recycling.


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