Destruction of tapes

The market for data tapes is still growing. The reason is that this data carrier separates the medium from the writing device, which allows you to use a small number of drives and thousands of tapes. These tapes do not need power or cooling to store data.

If your company or institution uses back-up tapes, you are the owner of the data. You are therefore automatically responsible for the destruction of these data when the tapes become redundant. Holland Recycling can be of service to you in the removal and destruction of these data carriers. At Holland Recycling, we still see many tapes that are simply discarded among other waste, with all the associated consequences.

How does it work?

Tape destruction in 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill in the contact form.
  2. We will contact you to make an appointment.
  3. We arrange the logistics and collect everything securely.
  4. Your data tapes are certified as wiped.
  5. You receive GDPR-proof documentation!

You can easily dispose of your data tapes

Holland Recycling will securely transport your data carriers to our secure data destruction depot. This depot is only accessible to the employees who take care of the registration and shredding of the data carriers. Our employees are screened and have a duty of confidentiality. In the destruction depot, the data carriers are registered and destroyed using a DIN66399 certified shredder. If the tapes have a serial number or asset tag, we can also take care of their registration. Apart from your data tapes, we can also destroy your other data carriers, such as hard disks, USB sticks and telephones. After destruction, you will receive a destruction certificate from us. This destruction certificate is GDPR proof.

What happens to the shredded data carriers?

Hard disks, USB sticks and telephones contain valuable raw materials. The shredded pieces are therefore further processed by Holland Recycling into secondary raw materials. In this way, valuable raw materials are preserved and we contribute to the circular economy.


Holland Recycling is a partner of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This wonderful foundation arranges wish journeys for seriously ill children. For every data carrier that is destroyed, Holland Recycling donates € 0.25 to this foundation. More information on our partnership with Make-a-Wish can be found here.


Destruction of tapes

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