Destruction of hard disks in compliance with GDPR guidelines

Holland Recycling offers certified destruction of hard disks, floppy disks, USB sticks, phones and data tapes. Customers always receive a destruction certificate stating at least the number of data carriers. Additional registration of various data, such as serial numbers, is also possible. With our registration, you can prove in the event of an audit that you have professionally destroyed your data. Holland Recycling always destroys in accordance with DIN66399 protection class 3, security level H5.

Method for destroying hard disks

Have your data collected securely

Holland Recycling offers several options for the collection or delivery of data. We can collect your data, and possibly your IT hardware, using our own transport.


Holland Recycling destroys hard disks and other data carriers, including brackets or other mounting material. It is also possible for us to remove hard disks from IT hardware. The remaining IT hardware is then processed by us according to WEEELABEX guidelines. If you have placed specific data on the data carriers yourself, such as a quarterly or internal code, it is possible to have these registered by us.

Your data continuously secured

Your data is continuously secured from the moment we receive it. Our location in Boxtel is secured with electronic access locks, 24-hour camera surveillance and alarm security backed up by a control room. Furthermore, all of our employees must sign a confidentiality agreement and only a limited number of employees have access to the area in which data carriers are stored and destroyed. So, your data is in safe hands with us.

Responsible processing of materials

Holland Recycling processes materials in the most sustainable way possible. Shredded hard disks are recycled as much as possible by our professional and well-equipped partners. Up to 95.8% of valuable raw materials are recovered!

Destruction certificate

You receive a destruction certificate from Holland Recycling that can be supplemented with the serial numbers of the data carriers we have destroyed. This destruction certificate is, of course, GDPR compliant.


Hard disks

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