Have you ever considered making a wish come true with your old hardware? Holland Recycling is a proud partner of Make-A-Wish Netherlands. MAW Netherlands fulfils the dearest wishes of seriously ill children. Through our IT donation programme, you can help to fulfil some of these wishes. Watch the video about Ize’s dearest wish below.

Fulfilling the dearest wish of a seriously ill child with your old IT. Does it get any better than that?

What does IT donation involve?

The hardware we recycle or refurbish for our business customers is written off. This equipment no longer has any value in the accounts, but it can still have residual value. This residual value can make a big difference for one of the Make-A-Wish Netherlands children. By participating in our IT donation programme, you choose to donate all or part of the residual value. For every €5,000 raised through this programme, Holland Recycling adopts one wish on behalf of all donors. We will increase all amounts that we are allowed to donate on your behalf by a further 10%!

This is how IT donation works:

  1. We determine the value of your hardware.
  2. We collect everything from you.
  3. Everything is checked and processed.
  4. You receive an invoice and an environmental certificate.
  5. The residual value or part thereof is donated.

Wishes are tailor-made

Research shows that the realisation of a cherished wish gives seriously ill children and those around them renewed hope and confidence, and has a lasting impact. Wish fulfilment does not happen by itself. It is a carefully planned Wish Journey. A special process that keeps a large group of people busy for months and is tailor-made from start to finish. And one that has an impact from the moment of meeting the patient until long after the wish has been granted. Together, we create memories that last a lifetime.


For every €5,000 donated, Holland Recycling adopts a wish on behalf of all its donors. Holland Recycling started by making a contribution of €2,500 and increases all other donations by an extra 10%. See below how far we are towards realising the next wish! Make-A-Wish has a special campaign page where all donations are visible, so you know for sure what happens to your money!

We hope to show the most beautiful wishes here soon, wishes that have been fulfilled by the money raised through our donation programme. View Wish Journeys that have already been realised by Make-A-Wish and their other partners here.


Make an appointment

Make an appointment now or ask for a valuation. Join us in fulfilling the dearest wish of a seriously ill child.


Donate yourself

Of course, you can also make a donation directly yourself via our campaign page. A dearest wish demonstrably contributes to the treatment process of wish children.