Destruction of data carriers

Data carriers can be destroyed in various ways. At Holland Recycling, we regularly see companies drilling holes in data carriers or hitting them with a hammer to make the data carrier unusable. This does indeed render the data carrier unusable. However, the data is still present and can be read by a resourceful ICT person. You want to avoid this.

Some examples of digital data carriers are:

  • Hard disks
  • Mobile (smart) phones
  • Tapes
  • USB sticks
  • SSD
  • Tablets
  • CD/DVDs
  • Memory cards

Certified destruction by shredding

Certified destruction is possible with our DIN 66399 safety class H5 certified shredder. This ensures that the shredded pieces are so small that the data cannot be retrieved. Holland Recycling also ensures that the serial numbers of the data carriers are registered. In addition, you will receive a certificate of destruction including an overview of the registered serial numbers. This makes you compliant with the GDPR privacy legislation. Furthermore, the shredded data carriers are further processed by Holland Recycling into secondary raw materials. So no valuable raw materials are lost in this process.

Certified destruction by software

Are the data carriers still suitable for reuse and would you like to contribute to the circular economy? Data wiping is a very good alternative to destruction. The wiping of data carriers such as phones, tablets and hard disks is carried out by Holland Recycling using certified software. This software is certified by NATO, Common Criteria and the Cyber Security Centre, among others. For this process, too, you will receive a complete report of the wipes performed. In this way, the service life is extended and this contributes directly to reducing CO2 emissions.

Hard disk destruction

Have your hard disks destroyed reliably, securely and professionally in accordance with DIN66399. After destruction, we provide a GDPR-proof destruction certificate with the serial numbers of the hard disks destroyed. Holland Recycling also has its own collection service. The destroyed hard disks are further processed by Holland Recycling into secondary raw materials. In this way, the raw materials are preserved and we stimulate the circular economy.

Destruction of tapes

Many companies and institutions use back-up tapes. The destruction of these tapes requires a special approach. As the owner of the tapes, you are responsible for the proper destruction of the data. Holland Recycling can destroy the tapes for you in a certified manner. Holland Recycling will also provide a certificate of destruction (GDPR-proof), possibly supplemented with the serial numbers of the tapes you supplied. We can also take care of the secure transport from your location.

Destruction of telephones

Mobile (smart) phones are full of data nowadays. Simply restoring the phone to its factory settings makes it appear to be empty. Nothing could be further from the truth. Recovery software can be used to retrieve the data. Holland Recycling destroys the phones using a certified shredder. This ensures that data cannot be retrieved and that your company or institution complies with the GDPR legislation.


Destruction of data carriers

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