Do you have old phones and tablets? Allow us to buy your old phones and tablets. If you send us some basic information, we will quickly assess whether your old phones and old tablets are suitable for reuse.

Selling old phones and tablets

Would you like to sell your old phones? We specialise in buying up old phones, tablets and office phones. Would you like to know whether your old appliances can still be reused and whether we can buy them? We work as follows:

  1. Send us a list of the model numbers.
  2. We will send you our offer.
  3. We arrange all the logistics.
  4. We check your old devices.
  5. You receive the residual value on your account.

Securely selling old telephones

Your company’s old phones have been used by your employees and are often full of personal and company data. When you sell your old phones and tablets, it is therefore important that you choose a company that can demonstrably destroy this data. Holland Recycling is able to wipe phones in a certified manner using Certus software. We are actually a Certified Business Partner. We shred phones that no longer work after removing the battery. You are then also guaranteed 100% data destruction.

Socially responsible disposal of old telephones

The testing of old phones and tablets at Holland Recycling is done by a mixed team of experienced employees and colleagues who sometimes need a little more guidance. We employ as many people as possible who are disadvantaged in the labour market. Do you also find doing something for others as important as we do? Please consider donating (part of) your proceeds to Make-A-Wish Netherlands. We will increase your donation by 10%!

Complete registration

We thoroughly test all of the phones or tablets that you hand over to us and make them data-free. You will receive clear reports afterwards and, if required, destruction certificates too. You can use our reports and certificates to demonstrate to your customers or other stakeholders that you have dealt with your old hardware responsibly. You also have the guarantee that data will never be made public.

Full service

When you decide to sell us your old phones, you are opting for security and convenience. We will quickly arrange an appointment with you and will collect your devices using our own transport. Our employees will collect your devices and take the appropriate packaging materials with them to prevent damage during transport. Any hardware that does not work is processed in a WEEELABEX-certified manner at our recycling site.


Phones and tablets

Would you like to dispose of tablets and/or phones for reuse? Make an appointment using the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Contact us

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