The story behind Holland Recycling. We like to show that. Last year, we won the CSR Award and, of course, we wanted the whole world to know about it. In the form of a breakfast session in our dismantling hall, it was time for a new step: to inspire other companies, institutions and authorities with our story.

With AANtWERK, we welcomed a group of enthusiasts for more than just a guided tour. They were transparently informed about the successes of the process, but also about the many challenges. Subsequently, our WSD employees were happy to tell their personal stories and talk about their distance from the regular labour market. At their own workplace, the talents also told the audience how they experienced the dismantling hall and might want to use it as a springboard.

The success of this first session was immediately apparent: we showed the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the enthusiasm of our colleagues. We motivated the visitors to take their next CSR step, in whatever field.