At Holland Recycling, we follow the strictest procedure by shredding. Even though the privacy legislation (AVG/GPDR) does not specify the optimal destruction method, you can prevent the legislator’s feared data leaks at the highest level. With us, you follow this guideline.

What is a data leak or breach?
A data leak is when information reaches an unauthorised person. Every organisation runs risks in this regard, from reporting obligations to fines. But company, financial or customer data can also be leaked. Or how about employee data? And claims made by ‘victims’?

Shredding data carriers is optimal destruction
Shredding is the ultimate way of destroying data carriers, such as hard disks, USB sticks, magnetic tapes, floppy disks, etc.
Not on your doorstepbut at an enclosed and secure destruction site, according to the DIN 66399 security level (H-5, O-3, T-3, E-2).
The data are gone forever and the carriers can no longer be used. Fully compliant with AVG/GPDR.

Information on mechanical shredding of your data.

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