Holland Recycling ensures that maximum value is extracted from discarded IT hardware.

With this new partner, which focuses among other things on server equipment that is being replaced, the DDA adds a circular chain to its network. By recycling e-waste, Holland Recycling offers a sustainable (read: circular) solution by offering both product and component reuse and high-quality recycling.

The removal of hardware and the destruction of data from data centres require a specialist approach. Holland Recycling specialises in the recycling and refurbishment of high-quality IT hardware.

Data destruction

Data destruction can also take place in various ways. Can the data carriers be reused? If so, we can wipe them. Do the data carriers have to be physically destroyed? Shredding is then the best option.

Holland Recycling is a Certified Business Partner of Certus Erasure. You can therefore be sure that we wipe data to the highest standards.  We mechanically destroy data carriers using a shredder where the output fraction has a shredding width according to DIN66399 protection level 3, safety class H5.  If you have data destroyed by Holland Recycling, you will receive a destruction certificate including serial number registration as standard.

Why choose Holland Recycling?

  • Recycling, data destruction and refurbishment from a single point of contact.
  • Data destruction to the highest standards.
  • Your hardware is collected by our own transport and staff.
  • Clear and unambiguous reports
  • Fully certified organisation.
  • Maximum value for discarded IT hardware.

Do you have any questions or would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact Luuk Bongers of Holland Recycling. He would be happy to tell you more.

Luuk can be reached via tel. 06-19012361 or e-mail L.Bongers@HollandRecycling.nl.